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LEGO Ideas: The Little Prince

This is our first post about LEGO Ideas (formerly LEGO CUUSOO) as well as our first regular English post. Both will become more frequent on Bricktopia as of October 1st. There will be a LEGO Ideas series of articles where we will review and/or portrait projects on that platform that are still gathering support from voters.

We’ll start today with „The Little Prince“ because fellow AFOL Colin P. Walle asked us to write about it (because it is his project and its anniversary was just a few days ago).

The Little Prince

While interviewing Colin about his project he told us:

„This project is inspired by my favorite story, „The Little Prince,“ by Antoine de Saint-Exupery. I first read the story in high school (in English) and then in college (in French) and have enjoyed reading it to my older two children a long time ago and then more recently to my youngest.

The book is considered to be the most translated story in the world (other than the Bible and the Koran), and a movie is coming out later next year.

We’ve got over 4,000 votes now and want to get to 5,000 as soon as possible – so this „event“ today is part of the effort to spread the word. Thankfully I have the support of official website/FB page, and the Saint-Exupery estate. For example, see this story.“

Unfortunately it took us some days to get the article online – sorry that we’re late for your anniversary, Colin!

As of today The Little Prince on LEGO Ideas has 4.161 supporters (still lacking 5.839 to be considered for review by TLG) and still has 210 days left to complete the magical 10k. So if you think this project should be considered for production by LEGO please vote for it on the LEGO Ideas platform.

It is free but you need to register an account (might come in handy because we will review projects on a weekly basis from now on …).

Personal note

I do like „The Little Prince“ as it is an awesome book. Not only for children but adults as well. If you haven’t read it yet, you can do so online here or download it as eBook for all devices.

There are lots of famous quotes originating from this novel as for example this from „The Little Prince, chapter 21, The Fox’s speech“:

„It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.“

I can’t help but notice that the project has amassed more than 80.000 views on LEGO Ideas but „only“ a twentieth of that in supporters. Maybe it is because of the rather dullness of the minifig design (I personally can’t stand it) – but Colin’s effort and the passion he puts into promoting his project makes very well worth supporting it. After all, both are awesome in a way: The novel and the idea to have this as a LEGO set someday.

About the Author:

Olivers Begeisterung für LEGO® ist seit der Kindheit quasi ungebrochen. Mit Bricktopia hat er sich eine Plattform geschaffen, um seine Leidenschaft mit anderen deutschsprachigen AFOL zu teilen. Erfahrt mehr über Bricktopia und über Oliver auf Facebook!

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